Grid @ Trieste

At the end of 2004, a group of volunteers of different scientific institutions in the Trieste area met and decided to share their respective expertise in the Grid technology (matured thanks to the participation to national and international projects) in order to:

  1. Create a first kernel of a forthcoming metropolitan Grid infrastructure;
  2. Undertake training and dissemination activities aiming at spreading this technology among potential final users.

The project started officially in February 2005 and the whole 2005 was spent to set up an experimental Grid infrastructure. The involved institutions created the first kernel of it, thereafter more and more hardware and human resources have been invested to expand it.

A technical group was created. Technical group took care of designing the infrastructure, created a VO and helped Grid managers in setting up Grid nodes at local Grid sites.

To attract final users, a massive training campaign was also carried out. During the experimental phase of the project several training and dissemination events were organized with a good participation of scientists operating in the Trieste area. These training events were organized in a way that theoretical lessons and hands-on sessions were combined to make users able to experiment the concepts just learned straight away and to port their applications of interest in Grid.

The experimental phase closed officially in January 2006 with a workshop in which the main results of the project have been presented.

Institutes that mostly contributed to the experimental phase are now investigating a way to get financial and human support to bring the project in its production phase.