What is eforge ?

eforge.escience-lab.org is a service offered to facilitate the scientific collaborations of people working at the joint Democritos/Sissa laboratory for escience.

This forge is an integrated set of tools or components that facilitates collaboration on sofware project. It provides tools for version control, bug tracking, task management, and tools for communication (newsgroups, web pages, wiki, mailing lists, etc.). A forge makes scientific technical collaboration easier; the tools adapt to a variety of needs. The objective is to provide everyone working in the eLab with an infrastructure for their scientific-technical collaborations with internal and/or external partners.

A forge gives the eLab people tools that promote good practices for collaborative work and that help in the dissemination of their work (inside and out of the laboratory). It permits an evolving collaboration around a project. Thanks to its associated public and private project spaces, the working environment evolves and adapts as the project does. It's a resource to help the eLab project and people in their work and its visibility.